Some Pictures About my Family

Apenta running festival Apenta running festivalApenta running festivalWe went to a running festival in the Buda-hills. Managed to get second place and won some banana:)

Noémi is playing in a park Noémi playing in a parkNoémi is playing in a park(15 months old).

Matáv futás Matáv futásWe went to a running festival in Budapest.

Junko and Non-chan @ Zsámbék Junko and Noémi, at our land in Zsámbék.

Junko at the Pacific She is my wife Junko. We met in the Beloit (USA). This picture was taken in Japan close to Her home-town.

Junko and me in 1999 Jun-chan and me in my parents garden near Győr.

My Mom and Dad in Japan My Mom and Dad in Japan in front of a very old traditional Japanese costume.

My newborn daughter Noemi Our daughter Noemi was born in feb. 23. 2003. She is really cute, and we really enjoy playing together.

Puzzles in Japanese architecture One of my favorite hobbies are logic puzzles and tavern puzzles. I took this photo in Japan. A traditional roof holding technology. I also like playing on my guitar(no photo), especially to Noemi.

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